Upfitting For Summer

What does it mean to "Upfit" my vehicle?

You might have heard the term "upfit" before, or maybe you heard it as "build-out," "upgrade," or "enhance"? No matter what term someone used, they all refer to the same thing/process. Essentially, "upfitting" your vehicle means upgrading your vehicle in some way. Usually with the intention of making your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing, powerful, faster, or comfortable.

Some of the common ways we see people "upfitting" their vehicles are:

  • New tire rims
  • Exhaust modifications
  • New seats/seat covers
  • Upgraded shocks
  • Vehicle lift kits
  • Custom bumper systems
  • Offroading lights

The list goes on, and there is no end to all the cool ways you can "upfit" your vehicle!

How can I "Upfit" my vehicle for summer?

Warmer weather is almost here; we can all feel it! Our proximity to the California Central Valley means many of us will experience 100+ degree days this year. With that in mind, how can we "upfit" our vehicles to make summer more enjoyable?

Here are a couple of suggestions to "Upfit" your vehicle for summer:

  • Consider tinting your vehicle's windows; within legal limits
  • Consider custom seat covers with cooling materials; to make your drive more comfortable

Do I "Upfit" my vehicle myself or find an auto repair center to help?

You can do small things yourself, such as fitting custom seat covers over existing seats, but we recommend a professional handles the rest of it.; especially when it comes to something like tinting your windows! That could go wrong so fast, and you likely don't have the necessary tools to properly complete the job.

Cool down this summer by considering the couple of suggestions we listed. Your vehicle is a blank canvas; you can improve it in any way you like. When it comes time to consider "upfitting" your vehicle, make sure you head to your trusted auto repair center of choice and have the work done professionally!

Visit The Auto Experts in Sacramento, CA, and we will help you brainstorm some awesome ways to "upfit" your vehicle this summer! Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our ASE-Certified auto mechanics team; via our website. We can't wait to meet you and introduce you to The Auto Experts family; and please follow us on Facebook!

Written by Developer Autoshop