Take Time for Your Tires

It is easy to forget about your vehicle's tires, but they play an essential role in your safety. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that directly touches the road and can affect your vehicle's handling, braking, and overall ride and safety. The Auto Experts team is here to remind you to take time to take care of your tires.

Your tires need to have the proper tire pressure, tread depth, balance, and wheel alignment for optimal performance and safety. To preserve your tires' longevity and improve fuel economy, your tires need to be properly inflated. It is also important to rotate your tires. Front and back tires perform different steering and braking functions, which means they will wear out at varying paces and patterns. If you want to get the most out of your tires, tire rotation is critical. Typically, we will perform rotation every 5,000 and 7,000 miles.

Proper tire maintenance also involves tire balancing. Tire balancing ensures your tires wear out evenly. Tire balancing involves attaching small weights to your wheels to limit your tire's and wheel's vibration as they turn. Last but not least, we have wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is essentially the measurement of your wheels' position according to your vehicle's manufacturer's recommendations. Without proper alignment, you won't be able to drive in a straight line. You will drift or pull to one side of the road.

The team at The Auto Experts is here to help you take time for your vehicle's tires. Schedule an appointment with The Auto Experts today and make sure to use one of our specials. Proudly serving downtown Sacramento, Midtown, and East Sacramento, you can find us at 505 30th Street Sacramento, CA 95816. See you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop