Keeping Safe In The New Year

Welcome to another year, Sacramento! We hope your season has been filled with delicious food and time spent with those you love. With that in mind, we want to take some time and highlight ways to keep us safer on the roads; to help us meet our goals and resolutions.

Without a trustworthy vehicle that we can rely on to get us where we need to go, everything becomes a whole lot more difficult. We spend our time setting New Years' resolutions like "lose 15 pounds," "quit smoking," & "go out with friends more," but what about our vehicles? Our vehicles are the glue that holds it all together and makes it all possible. So, here are a couple of ways to make sure your vehicle is taken care of and that we stay safer on the roads this New Year.

  • Fluid Exchange Our vehicles have certain fluids and belts/hoses that are necessary to keep them lubricated and functioning properly. Finding yourself low on fluids, or worse (leaking fluids), can be a dangerous situation. Our coolant fluid needs to stay at a certain level and cleanliness to properly regulate our vehicle's temperature. Without it, our engine overheats, and the vehicle could face a significant breakdown, leading to a dangerous situation on the road. Make sure to check your vehicle's fluid and find a trustworthy auto repair center to exchange them.
  • Check Engine Lights Now is an excellent time to pay attention to our dash lights and see if any check engine warning has crept up! Check engine lights are the front-line of engine defense. They let us know about problems as soon as possible, sometimes before any visible or audible issues rear their ugly heads. Keep yourself safe and your vehicle running smoothly by addressing any check engine lights that you find.
  • Check Your Brakes Nothing says safety more than a healthy brake system. Brakes are the barrier between us and the random encounters we can't plan for. We don't know exactly what will happen when we leave our house every day and get behind the wheel, but we can make sure our vehicle has everything it needs to do its job! Visit your favorite auto repair center and get yourself a brake system diagnostic.

Meet this New Year prepared for all of life's struggles and fun. Take some extra time to show your vehicle how much you appreciate it and give it the extra care that it deserves. When we really think about it, our vehicles are essential to meeting the resolutions we promised ourselves we would. Set yourself up for success by contacting your auto repair center of choice and having them assist you in your vehicle check-ups.

Contact The Auto Experts in Sacramento, CA, for an auto repair team that can help you meet your New Year's resolutions. We have a fully staffed team of ASE-Certified auto repair specialists that want nothing more than to serve our community. Visit our website and schedule an appointment to set your vehicle up for the New Year.

Written by Developer Autoshop