Keeping Cool In The Central Valley

California Central Valley Heat

If there is anything we can guarantee, the California Central Valley is going to get hot, really hot! If you have never visited this region, California isn't all beaches and rolling waves; the vast agricultural lands in the Central Valley experience 100+ degree days regularly!

All this heat makes it even more important that you look to your vehicle's A/C system sooner than later. Beyond that, there are a couple of other things you can do to try and stay cool this summer!

How do I service my vehicle's A/C system, and how do I know when to do it?

Your vehicle's A/C system has a lot of moving parts. You have the compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer or Accumulator, thermal expansion valve, filters, vents, and more. All the complicated machinery means that there are a lot of places for something to go wrong. We highly recommend that you find a certified auto repair specialist to assist you with your vehicle's A/C system. Even something as (seemingly) simply as charging your freon levels can be dangerous! Best to leave it to the pros!

Regarding how to know when you should service your A/C system, pay attention to some signs! Listen for any strange loud noises, like knocking. Pay attention to the temperature of the air and if it isn't getting cold. Pay attention to smells and any debris coming through the vents. Luckily, your A/C system will make it relatively obvious when it needs some love.

What's a cheap way to keep my car cool during the summer?

We have two really easy solutions that can immediately impact how cool your car feels and how enjoyable your everyday drive is!

  1. Tint your windows - That is right, add a bit of a tint to your windows and experience the instant reduction in UV rays they provide! Check your local restrictions for tint limits before you move forward!
  2. Buy a windshield cover - A cover over your windshield will instantly help you reduce the heat inside your vehicle. It provides cover from the punishing rays, and it helps to protect your interior over time!

Meet the sun's rays with your own set of armor this summer, and try out some of the tips and tricks listed in this month's blog. When you are ready to take a California Central Valley day trip, visit your favorite expert auto repair center for help with the trip

Visit The Auto Experts in Sacramento, CA, when you are ready to take your central valley road trip this summer! Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics will make sure your vehicle's A/C system is ready for the Central Valley heat! Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our ASE-Certified auto mechanics team; via our website. We can't wait to meet you and introduce you to The Auto Experts family, and please follow us on Facebook!

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