Even if you enjoy the summer heat, you'll need to keep your car cool. When your vehicle's engine runs too hot, it can damage the automobile and jeopardize your safety. In addition, if your cooling systems aren’t functioning correctly, it can cause major damage to your engine and hefty repair costs down the line. Below are some tips to help prevent your ride from overheating”

Park in the shade

The temperature difference between the shade and the sun is significant. Parking in the shade can extend the life of your car. If you can't find a spot in a shady area, a sunshade to lessen heat inside the vehicle.

Get rid of hot air

Keep your windows and sunroof slightly cracked so the air can get out. Hot air gets trapped in a vehicle with closed windows and the glass acts as a conductor that assists in heating up the enclosed interior.

Turn the floor vents on

Since hot air rises, you’re actually better directing the air through the floor vents as opposed to upper vents. Put the bottom vents on the maximum setting to push that air out. Then, once the car begins cooling, you can open the upper vents again.

Be mindful of the temperature gauge

The temperature gauge is located on the dashboard. Ideally, the needle should always be pointing to the center. If it's pointing towards hot, call us right away! Immediate repair response to an overheated engine will minimize damage.

Tint your windows

Tinted windows are usually available at your local dealerships and auto repair shops. They work quite well in protecting your vehicle from sun damage

Use a sunshade

Having a sunshade in the vehicle is a good idea because you can’t always be certain that you’ll locate a covered or shaded area to park in. These sun shades will keep the inside of the car from getting too hot. It also protects the interior from the harmful sun damaging effects. There are custom-made sunscreens that are created for the exact make and model of your car.

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