Halloween Decor For Your Vehicle

Isn’t Halloween great? Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it’s so much fun!

To celebrate this holiday, we thought we would share some Halloween decor for your vehicle.

Monster Face trunk decorations from Amazon
If you like to participate in Trunk or Treat events where families meet in a parking lot and offer treats from the trunks of their cars, you’ll enjoy the ease of this setup. The decorations stick without any adhesion marks and it allows you to turn your minivan into the boogie man!

Tricky Trunks Bat kit from Wayfair
If you like bats, you’ll love how these decorations transform your car’s trunk into a spooky bat with wings! Bonus points if your car is black, so this look will really pop.

No See No Hear No Speak Skeleton car covers by Umodez
If you want to dress up the seats inside your car, these seat covers are spooky. The skeletons will certainly put you and your passengers in the Halloween spirit.

LED Strip lights for your car on Amazon
Adding lighting to the interior of your car can really make your car’s Halloween decor pop. Check out these neon lights that are designed to be flexible and stretch your imagination.

Winning ideas for dressing up your car on YouTube
Need more inspiration? This video will show you some award-winning Halloween car decorations. Before you head out for Halloween fun, bring your vehicle to our team for an inspection. We want you to enjoy this time with your favorite ghosts, goblins, princesses, and superheroes.

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Written by Developer Autoshop