Winter is coming! Joe Gibson, the owner of The Auto Experts in Sacramento, was interviewed by Fox40 News about getting your car ready for Winter. Don't delay when preparing your vehicle for the cold weather. Our team of auto mechanics is happy to serve the Sacramento region with high-quality, trusted auto repair. Here are some things to be mindful of to prepare your car for the colder weather:

  • Examine Tires - Check your vehicle’s tires for remaining tread life and inspect the sidewalls for nicks and cuts. It’s recommended to check tire pressure once a month and rotate them as recommended. Be sure that your automobile's spare and car jack is in good condition. Poorly aligned wheels and under-inflated tires use excess fuel because it makes the engine work harder.
  • Check Battery - The only correct way to see if you have a weak battery is with professional equipment. However, car owners can perform routine care (just be sure to wear eye protection and rubber gloves.) Scraping away corrosion and cleaning all surfaces is a good place to start. If engine problems are still happening, it’s best to bring the vehicle to professional auto mechanics.
  • Change Oil as Specified in the Manual- Consistent filter and oil changes is one of the most frequently ignored services, yet one that is crucial to keep your engine healthy.
  • Flush and Refill Cooling System - The concentration, the condition, and the level of the coolant should be checked regularly. A 50/50 combination of water and antifreeze is recommended. Make sure that you don’t remove the radiator cap until the car has cooled. Professional auto mechanics should also test the tightness and the condition of hoses, clamps, and drive belts, clamps.
  • Replace Old Wiper Blades Once a Year Once a Year - If you live somewhere with harsher winter climates, use rubber-clad winter blades to help with ice build-up. Windshield washer solvent is good to have in the car. Don’t forget an ice scraper!
  • Have an Emergency Kit - Just in case you end up in a malfunctioning car on the road, be sure to have some important items available like boots, extra gloves, blankets, flares, a flashlight, tire chains; water, and energy snacks.

Make an appointment or call The Auto Experts if you have any questions. We care dearly for each and every customer, so let us take care of your vehicles before and after your wintertime road trips. Proudly serving downtown Sacramento, Midtown, and East Sacramento, you can find us at 505 30th Street Sacramento, CA 95816. See you soon!

Written by Developer Autoshop