Fluid Exchange In February

Fantastic February is here, and love is in the air! Young people rush around making plans, buying gifts, and setting things up for the perfect night. With all this affection going around, we wouldn’t want to skip the one that gets us all these places; our vehicles!

We can think of many ways to show your vehicle some love. You could give it an engine overhaul, but that is pretty forward, haha! You might have the interior and exterior detailed, but we don’t want to make her think she isn’t beautiful the way she is. So, we figured we would go the safe route and buy er’ some drinks, er, fluids! Let’s go over some fluid exchange options and why they might be a great gift for your vehicle; this February.

  • Oil Exchange - All of your vehicle’s fluids are critical, but your oil is the one you will monitor more routinely. Your vehicle’s oil provides critical lubricant for some of the most expensive machinery in your vehicle; skipping service could mean a huge bill down the road. Oil gets dirty with debris & particulates, and the viscosity can change over time. Servicing it regularly and exchanging it for fresh oil will help keep it on the road longer.
  • Coolant Exchange - You might not know this, but your coolant can become more acidic as time moves on. The problem is, the more acidic your coolant is, the less it will prevent rust in your system. Rust leads to major damage in your vehicle, and it can loose itself, depositing in your coolant and thickening it over time. Exchange your coolant and be rid of the threat!
  • Change Your Filters - Beyond these two critical fluid exchanges, we highly recommend that you regularly change your fluid filters! Your vehicles have several filters, including your air filter, cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and more! They help reduce the damage that particulates and debris cause by preventing them from reaching critical components. Find a trustworthy auto repair center that can help you!

Spread the love this February and give your vehicle some fresh juice! Consider a fluid exchange and a filter replacement. When exchanging fluids, a certified auto repair center will always include a filter replacement. The Auto Experts in Sacramento can help you will all of that!

Come to The Auto Experts in Sacramento, CA, for top-notch fluid exchange and filter replacement; this February! We will help you select the right viscosity, brand of filter & fluid, and set you up with regular service intervals. Please schedule an appointment to meet our ASE-Certified auto mechanic team. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to The Auto Experts family, and please follow us on Facebook!

Written by Developer Autoshop