With holiday travels approaching, it’s wise to be mindful of keeping yourself energized and alert during road trips. Having the right snacks nearby can keep you and your family full and safe on the roads. Here are some healthy delicious snacks that the team at The Auto Experts recommend to take care of your hunger as you and your family travel to your holiday destinations.

  1. Seaweed Snacks – Not only is seaweed super healthy, it’s light and easy to travel with. In addition, it’s packed with iron and helps with digestion.
  2. Healthy Granola Bars – These are wonderful because they’re non-perishable. Not only will they last for those long road trips, they’ll keep you satisfied and energized for hours.
  3. Raw Pumpkin Seeds – These seeds are high in potassium, crunchy and quite tasty!
  4. Beef Jerky – These high protein snacks are a great choice for meat eaters! It’s recommended to choose organic beef jerky to avoid hormones.
  5. Spelt Pretzels – This is a great choice for pretzel lovers. Spelt is the high-fiber whole grain version of this popular snack.
  6. Raw Red Peppers – Before you’re off on your travels, slice up some red peppers (and other raw veggies) and put them in some Tupperware. They’re loaded with vitamin C so they can help fight off the sniffles during holiday travel!
  7. Dried Fruit – Be sure to choose the “no sugar added” varieties of dried fruit.
  8. Frozen Edamame – Non-processed and high in protein, edamame is a satisfying snack to keep you driving smoothly and safely on the holiday roads. Once they defrost, they’re ready to eat. Be sure to have a bag handy so you can toss the pods.
  9. Almond Chips - It’s amazing that something so delicious can be so healthy! Bring some hummus along to spice up this delicious treat!
  10. Dark Chocolate – Filled with antioxidants, dark chocolate that is 65% cacao and higher, can satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your energy level high for hours.
  11. Coconut Water - this super energizing beverage will you keep energized and hydrated. There's also a coconut powder that makes sense for driving. Just add water and replenish your body!

It’s so important to be sure that you’re alert during holiday road trips. Eating the right food to keep your energy level up will ensure that you and your family will arrive at your holiday destinations safely. The highly-skilled team at The Auto Experts are is also capable of providing preventative maintenance to make sure your car is ready for holiday travels.

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Written by Developer Autoshop