The kids are almost all back in school, summer vacations are almost over, and we are starting to prepare for the autumn months ahead. Before we are hit with those chilly temperatures and winter rains, let’s make sure your car is up for the challenge, especially before Holiday season arrives. The team at The Auto Experts has put together some essential back-to-school auto care tips:

  1. Check out your owner’s manual: We recommend reading your owner’s manual to see when your car is due for maintenance. If you aren’t sure about when your car was last inspected by a team of professionals, we encourage you to contact us. We can thoroughly examine your car to ensure everything is running in tip-top shape.
  2. Engine problems: Is your car’s engine idling, misfiring, or starting rough? Don’t ignore these signs, especially since cold weather can exacerbate these issues.
  3. Oil: Oil change is one of the well-known, common maintenance procedures. However, you would be surprised by how many people forget about it, and but the team at The Auto Experts won’t let it slip your mind. If your driving habits include short trips and stop-and-go, you should also have your oil changed more often.
  4. Cooling System: An auto technician should flush and refill this system as needed, along with inspecting the condition of your drive belts, clamps, and hoses.
  5. Heater and Defroster: These components of your car are imperative to your visibility and safety, so it is important to have a technician carefully examine their condition for signs of wear and tear.
  6. Tires: Worn tires will not be useful during the colder months of the year. Our technicians will inspect your tires for signs of uneven wearing and cupping, nicks, and uneven tread. If needed, we can also rotate your tires.

With school session, we are going to spend quite a bit of time picking up and dropping off our children from school, and we all know how the campus can get during those busy times of the day. To ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and other drivers and students, we recommend following these helpful tips:

  • ALWAYS obey the speed limit.
  • Watch out for school crossing guards.
  • Never make U-Turns in a school zone.
  • Try to avoid changing lanes and passing other vehicles.
  • Overall, be aware of your surroundings, including other children, buses, crossing guards, and other cars.

Before we are faced with the onrush of the holidays and cooler winter months, it is the perfect time to get your car checked out by a team of professionals. We will thoroughly examine your car for any signs of disarray, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Make an appointment or call us if you have any questions. We are located at 505 30th Street Sacramento, CA 95816.

Written by Developer Autoshop