10 Tips for Handling Thanksgiving Traffic

The holidays are a time for fun and family get-togethers, but nothing puts a stop to that faster than a four-lane highway filled with traffic. It seems like the whole country hits the road all at once during the Thanksgiving season; because they do, haha! Let's try to focus on our family and have fun; to make the best of a traffic-filled afternoon.

We put together a list of 10 tips for handling Thanksgiving traffic. Hopefully, some of these will help you get through the thick of it, so you can hit that turkey dinner in your best mood.

  1. Try a Spotify Playlist - Nothing says road-trip like an awesome playlist. Spotify has thousands and thousands of playlists to choose from. Try searching for "Thanksgiving Playlist," "Road-Trip Playlist," or "Classic Rock Playlist." You are sure to find something everyone will love.
  2. Plan Ahead - Check Google Maps for any road construction or route diversions. Being stuck in traffic is even worse if that traffic is due to a construction zone. If you see bad road conditions listed, try to find an alternate route.
  3. Bring Snacks - Nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic with a "hangry" co-pilot. Keep the hunger monsters at bay and stock up on some road-trip treats. Make it fun, hit a cool roadside truck stop, and search the snack rows for something cool.
  4. Bring Things for the Kids - Keep those tablets, phones, and earbuds handy before you take off. Kids get bored on the road quickly, but having things to entertain them will go a long way to ease the pain of a traffic jam.
  5. Check the Weather - The only thing worse than getting stuck in traffic is getting stuck in traffic during bad weather. Not only is it a downer on the spirits, but it can be very dangerous. Try to plan your drive for the best weather conditions possible.
  6. Buy a Dash Mount - GPS is necessary when you take a road trip, but you want to use it safely, especially if it's a GPS on your phone. Dash mounts are cheap and easily accessible; you can find one on Amazon for anywhere between $10-$50, depending on the features and model. A $10 one will do the trick, and it will keep you safer on the road.
  7. Drive Defensively - It is tempting to weave in and out of traffic, jockeying for the best position to get to that turkey dinner first. However, other people feel the same way, and you don't want to end up in a collision. Stay aware of your surroundings and be careful in traffic, drive defensively, and make it to the party safe.
  8. Stay Calm - We know; this seems pretty obvious. However, it can be too easy to get frustrated when you are stuck in traffic for what feels like an eternity. Remember, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family. Stay calm and enjoy the time spent in the car with your loved ones.
  9. Avoid Road-Rage - Nothing is more dangerous than a road rage situation. Traffic upsets everyone; try not to stare people down or let anything get to you. Just focus on getting you and your family to the Thanksgiving dinner safely.
  10. Stop for Breaks - If the traffic is too overwhelming, take the next exit and get out for a stretch. Traffic is cyclical and goes up and down in intensity. Get out, stretch, and breathe in the fresh air. Soon enough, things might clear up, and you can hit the road rejuvenated.

Terrible traffic is nobody's idea of a good time, but it is something that we all have to share. Let's try to plan ahead and make the situation just a little bit better for our family and us. Beyond that, make sure your vehicle is ready for the road before rushing into that Thanksgiving traffic; call a certified auto repair center that you can trust.

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Written by Developer Autoshop